Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thursday Thoughts

How is it Fall tomorrow and still 85 degrees? Why oh why? I am on the struggle bus for what to wear these days - wear shorts in September or wear pants and sweat to high heavens?

Trader Joe's is my favorite little spot to pick up fun things and this Green Fin red table wine is A.MA.ZING! For $4.99 you are keeping this lady happy because I never spend more than $12 on a bottle of wine.

I am torn between trying to lose the baby weight and wanting to bake every chocolate dessert recipe I see. Anyone else have that problem? No... just me...? But I have been working out every day this week and feel a huge difference. Other than the fact, I am sore throughout 97% of my body I am hoping I can make this a habit (to counteract my chocolate cravings).

I love all things pumpkin. Call me #basic but a pumpkin spice latte makes any day better. This pumpkin banana bread is a must keep recipe and perfect for any aging bananas you may have (that was my initial reason for baking but now this is a keeper for Fall breakfast breads).

Thursday, September 7, 2017


It feels like Fall! I hope this is not a tease and we are in for the real thing! I love all things Fall - pumpkins, leaves and layers. Yes I like to layer up come September.

Cream Vest | I bought a vest last year and it was one of my favorites. I love this option for the versatility of the color and the lightweight look

Khaki Cardigan | Um adorable! I love the look of this khaki option

Navy Hoodie | Casual yet dressy and a much better option than a bulky sweatshirt

Boyfriend Blazer |  Perfect for work or a night out

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Hampton's Birth Story

- I merely share this because I did one for Mary Tilman and stalked a lot of others in preparation for the big day. If births scare you, I could pass right over this one. - 

Hampton Lee 
Friday, June 9, 2017
11:53 pm
7 lbs, 15 oz 

Tuesday I went into the doctor for my 39 week appointment with no really progress. She also did a membrane sweep which supposedly speeds things up. I instantly starting having contractions and thought they were the real deal. Well, they were false contractions that happened for another three days. Yep, the sweeps work on most people... I must not be the most. The contractions would come and go with no real pain and always subside by morning.

Fast forward to Friday, and we had dinner out followed by a movie to help pass the time. Around 10:45 pm I thought my water broke, only I wasn't 100 percent sure. Graphic but I heard a pop and still was completely clueless. So I called the doctor and she suggested I come in to be safe. We called our family and told them to head this way. Almost instantly, back labor started and it was as horrible as they describe. I could barely stand during the pain and it took all I had to get my bags packed and dressed out of my pajamas. Unfortunately we had to wake Mary Tilman but she was so excited to meet her brother.

We left the house around 11:30 pm for the hospital. We were in a rental car (oh yeah I got in a car accident at 37 weeks pregnant, forgot to mention that one) but the entire ride to the hospital was a blur. It seemed we stopped at every traffic light but I politely suggested for Aaron to rev it halfway through with the emergency flashers. (I say politely because afterwards I was informed a few foul words slipped out but I will blame it on the pain).

We pulled up at the ER valet, and the moment I got out of the car I knew I needed to get upstairs stat. My stomach had dropped and I thanked my lucky stars I wore leggings (funny in hindsight). Luckily a lady came to my rescue, after I was abruptly parked in the ER lobby by a very frightened valet attendant. I guess my huffing and sweating was scary. I was then wheeled to Labor and Delivery with dad and sister in tow. We scooted in on two wheels and were directed to my room. My amazing doctor was on call and immediately asked me if I wanted my epidural. After huffing out a yes, I was shocked when she said it was too late and called for her entire team to come in quickly. I was once again speechless and didn't know if I could do this thing naturally. Shock instantly set in because I was quickly surrounded by ten nurses and told to try to stay calm all without the hubs by my side.

After two pushes, my sweet baby boy arrived at 11:53 pm. Luckily, the nurses kept Mary Tilman busy with a popsicle so Aaron could come into the room. Our parents were shocked to hear how fast things happened, but boy were we all smitten after a hectic few hours!

Lesson learned is that no two births are the same :)

Friday, September 1, 2017

Five on Friday

1. I am eyeing some fun Fall Mules. I saw them during the big Nordstrom sale earlier this summer but something about suede in 97 degree weather makes me cringe #sweatyfeet. These are the top contender and at a great price point.

2. College Football starts back this weekend and while I love it, I have thoroughly enjoyed this short separation from ESPN. Does every other Southern wife feel like that is the only station on from September to bowl season?

3. Target is amazing but so are their workout clothes. I just can't muster up spending $100+ on an item doing an activity I don't really enjoy (exercising). I am currently wearing these shorts and they are everything. Yes I wear workout shorts when I am not working out... judge away.

4. In the rare moment I actually sit down and watch TV, I get sucked back into the Real Housewives franchise. My current favorite is the Dallas season because they are such a hot mess. Plus having your husband spend millions on a house you don't even like has the perfect recipe for trashy TV.

5. Mary Tilman turns three this weekend and I am slightly devastated. She constantly tells me she is getting big and it takes everything I have not to sit down and ugly cry. Why do the years have to fly by so fast?